Biodiversity Net Gain

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At idverde Housebuilder, we recognise the importance of the environment and the role our organisation plays in helping to protect the environment for future generations. We are passionate about preserving and improving the biodiversity of areas where we complete projects. 

Biodiversity Net Gain is an approach for developers to ensure the environment is left in an improved state than previously found. The Environmental Bill, due to be finalised this year, will mandate a 10% increase in the net biodiversity of planning permission. It is key for developers to consider Biodiversity at each stage of planning and development to help provide biodiverse landscapes and habitats within urban areas.

We are continuously working to support you, the environment and helping to support your compliance with Biodiversity Net Gain.

Wild-life friendly Design

Our in-house landscape design practice is there to support planning applications and to add some creative flair to your outdoor spaces. Our team can help to create or amend designs to ensure they can be installed in the most cost-effective way possible, make the best use of spoil from elsewhere on the site and are designed to improve biodiversity.

Our team can support with:

  • The design and installation of planting schemes that are of value to pollinating insects including wildflowers 
  • Creating biodiverse grasslands through a flower-rich grassland area
  • Advice on tree and shrub planting to attract various species
  • Utilising hard landscaping solutions such as bee-friendly planters, hedgehog highways, recycled furniture, nest boxes, bug & animal hotels, bird boxes and beehives 
  • The design of green roofs and living walls
  • Repurposing site spoil to create new habitats
Biodiversity Net Gain for housebuilder clients

Ongoing Support:

  • We can provide targeted and clear management advice for specific species, as well as more general site-wide guidance
  • CSR & volunteering opportunities; Education & Workshops, Volunteer Management, Community Activities, Biodiversity Management 
  • We can produce tailored Biodiversity Action Plans for your development
  • Monitoring and reporting, allowing us to provide information about the ongoing impact of your area for biodiversity 
  • Production of ecological toolbox talks for operatives
  • Carry out protected species surveys
  • Advise on, supply and install bug & animal hotels, bird boxes, beehives 
  • Educational signage for homeowners and members of the public
idverde biodiversity housebuilder

Biodiversity Support for the Housebuilder Sector

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